We were waiting for you

Eventually, every company would need to innovate to stay ahead and lead in this agile-age of business. To do this a new mindset, new way of working and a new breed to resources would be required; that systematically enables a business to continuously win against competitors to maintain and grow their market share


We aspire to be the partners of choice for the most ambitious companies (and people) of the world. So that we can deliver products & experiences that delight & win.

To achieve this at scale, Our Guiding principles DRIVES everything we do

We look at problems as opportunities to create a better future
We are not afraid to challenge conventions and do things differently; so that together we create 10x instead of 10%

We push back on biases, change notions & remove constraints that are limiting ; so together we are able to realise our full potential.

We always operate with radical honesty & humbleness; we won’t know everything but together we can learn & adapt to drive the right outcomes, and be better than before

A tailored not templated approach

Factors that contribute to success of each project are different, so it’s impossible to put a one-size-fits- all approach. Templated solutions pushed by consultancies and agencies barely work in this age of business. Given all the learnings form working for Fortune 500 companies to garage-style Silicon Valley startups, we have mastered the art of recognising failure indicators and this helps us continually avoid common pitfalls, while delivering a unique and tailored approach to each project.

Our ways of working


We embrace simplicity

We are a big fan for simplicity & we embrace it whole heartedly. To do this we research & draw inspiration from a broad range of industries & employ the best resources to come up with a simple yet elegant solution to the most complex business problem


We always build for future

Whatever we do, we do it with your long term goals and aspirations in mind so we can categorically help you lead the change in your industry.


We operate like partners

To showcase our trust we give you full access to our process & thinking so your team understands the ‘why’ behind every decision

What our clients are saying about us


This is how most of our conversations begin:

1. Our business is facing a lot of disruption from external factors, How do we handle this?
2. While we have a stable base of customer, startups and technology companies are now starting to enter and disdrupt our business model
3. Our technology and IT systems arent suited to our business goals, how do we quickly reduced our technical debt?
4. We want to become more customer centric and offer products that delight, we dont know where to start ?
5. We have very good data which we dont know how to use to enchance our products
6. I have a new idea and I need someone to help build it
7. We have great developers and our products are kick-ass, but we would like to reduce our time to market

If these sound familiar drop us a line at hello@greyspacedigital.com

Before starting work, we will estimate the number of hours and duration of the project based on our experience in similar projects.

If we dont have a resource in-house, we have an extensive network of over 800+ associates from various background. We would tap into this network to find someone who is a good fit

Typically our project runs for 3-6 months however this varies based on the nature of engagement.

We will start off by reviewing what they have done and align our objective to them and the wider organisation goals

We can easily change the make up of the team based on your priorities

Yes, we can add or remove people from your project team as priorities shift.

We have worked in engery sectors, eCommerce, Blockchain, Finance, Media and many others. We are interested in solving the “big” problems of your business

Our engagement models are flexible and we can quickly adapt around your needs , however we avoid small point projects ( < USD 150K) that doesnt provide value to our customers, we want to solve your big problems and be the partners that help you win in the long term.