Instead of out-dated culture definitions, we encourage people to adopt behaviours and form habits that make working at Greyspace a fun and fulling experience for everyone. 

We look for people who

Take charge

If you see a problem or opportunity, do not wait on someone else to solve it for you. We like people who take charge of a situation and do something to make it better.

Provide insights not opinions

Insights are opinions plus data, and hence more valuable than opinions alone. We encourage curiosity driven question backed with solid research, observation or proven case studies.

Opinion and biases can be limiting. If you are curious or have a question in mind; try to gather data before forming opinions. This helps us create a environment where people understand the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’.

See failures as an opportunity to learn and improve

The path to innovation is filled with experiments, and sometimes these experiments fail. It’s important that we understand this is part of the process and learn from it to do better next time.



We teach that there is both good and bad failure. Good failure when we did all we can to succeed, but still fail for those things that bite back and just trip us. Bad failure is when we are lazy, arrogant or cut corners to succeed, only to fail. Lets try not to fail, but if we do, it better be good failure. 

Think like an owner

Don’t do anything that you wouldn’t do if you were the owner. We are all part of the same journey, we need to act like we own and belong; take decision that benefit the business as a whole and not just you or your job role.

Push the boundaries

Influencing change requires pushing the boundaries, rejecting notions and removing constrains that are limiting. We at Greyspace encourage people to be dive deep into understanding a problem and employe the best methods to widen your research to create a solution that are better than the rest. 

Believing in going ALL IN

We win when you win, and you win when we all win. This is the environment we aspire for, where everyone is pushing each other to be better. Be ALL IN.

We aren’t impressed with people who ...

have ‘It’s not my job' attitude

care more about job titles more than the mission

have ‘It’s not my job' attitude

are high performers but not team players

care more about how they are percieved rather than focusing on what is right

use tactics or engage in office politics to get ahead

are disrespectful, racist or make culturally myopic comments that make someone feel uncomfortable.

We do not tolerate racist, sexist or disrespectful behaviours in any form. We fully embrace a world made incalculably better with diversity, inclusion and empowerment for all. 

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships

—Michael Jordan


Work from anywhere you wish

Full time remote working, or a mix the choice is yours. We just require you to comply with local laws. Our corporate setup will help you stay compliant and on top of your taxes

Credit of kick-ass WFH euipment

$500/year work from home budget to build the a kick ass ergonomic office setup

We pay fairly & we benchmark regularly

We value what you bring to the table hence we benchmark you pay against internally and against the market regularly.

Mandatory day off to recharge

Every 3 months we force everyone to take 2 days off work to do life better. So go on that hike, pick up a new hobby or spend time with your loved ones. Just don’t talk about work

Unlimited holidays

We don’t police our leave, so please use fairly so that everyone has a chance to take some time off work

Regular BS session : Thats beers and sharing

We get the beers; you get the group together & share your knowledge. This can be anything work related or otherwise

Learning & Development

S$1000/year for conferences, courses, coaches, subscriptions and more. Whatever you need to help you grow your skills and level up your abilities.

Want to be part of the team ?

If you dont see a open position dont get dishartended we are always looking for great people to join our team. Drop us a line