Innovation that sings.

What we do

Within 6 months, we apply award-winning entrepreneurial expertise to develop new ventures and products that deliver revenue growth and customer engagement faster and better than before. From building market-leading mobile applications through to executing radical innovations (Skunkworks projects), we take the huge potential you already have and supercharge your plans with our people.

How we work

We are entrepreneurs in residence, working as part of your innovation lab, customer experience or strategy teams. We can work as a self-contained team or integrate into your current innovation and transformation initiatives.

Our clients

With a primary focus on Singapore and South East Asia, we work with leading venture-backed startups through to large-scale global corporations.

less ordinary.

A team less ordinary

We bring together proven entrepreneurs who connect the dots across corporate transformation, design, technology and venture capital. Our people pride themselves on being able to switch from financial growth models to UI design without hesitation, meaning that you don’t need multiple agencies or expensive hires to support your innovation initiatives.

Advisory less ordinary

We experienced first hand an advisory market with too many templated solutions, too much theory, too much hype-driven advice and too little attention to how we behave as human beings. When did you last enjoy an unskippable YouTube advert? As entrepreneurs, we had to demystify a lot of what was being ‘pushed’ in the market and spent decades unearthing what really works and what doesn’t.

Innovation less ordinary

The very word innovation can hinder what we are really here to do: to make more money, to survive in changing markets, to delight customers, and to think differently. Innovation is not blockchain, it is not a mobile app and it is not AI. They may indeed be critical, but they also may be a distraction to what is really needed to win the game. We start with no bias and simplify innovation using new approaches and new models that build value and revenue more easily than before.

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