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Helping the brightest business leaders connect entrepreneurship, corporate innovation and digital execution in a new era of business

// CxO

Digital Strategy & CxO Guidance

We combine the lessons learnt from corporate turnarounds, failures and global entrepreneurial success to help the leading CxOs of today sense-check and improve their business models, products and innovation plans

Staff Talks & Executive Training 

We deliver plain-speaking, data-driven talks on innovation and intrapreneurship so that the most forward-thinking companies can embed change within their organsation

Executing Innovation

We help executive officers & innovation leaders reduce complexity, cut cost and execute innovation without disrupting the day to day operations and revenue focus of their business

You really must talk to Greyspace! This will supercharge your company and career success. This is disruptive digital innovation that you can actually deliver. Their insights and experience goes way beyond the fluff and theoretical advisory you find from many other places

Global Financial Services Firm, HQ London

// Design

Web & Mobile App Design

We bring digital design acclaimed by Apple to allow our clients to play on a global field, yet we don’t bring along the huge fees of the big players

UX/UI: ‘Sticky’ by Design

We know how easy it is to have a great idea that still fails to engage consumers in the long run. We combine neuroscience and startup success to turn great ideas into products and services that actually stick around.

Fast-track branding

We build killer brand identities in a matter of weeks not months, allowing you to focus on executing your business in record time

We tried the big branding firms before we tried Greyspace. I can say these guys are leaps and bounds above the rest in terms of speed, price and sheer creativity

Founder & CEO.
FMCG Company, Myanmar

// Build

Mobile App Development

We develop mobile applications for the most ambitious companies, avoiding the typical costs, delays and time commitments so you can get on with running your business.

Web Platform & CMS Development

We develop web apps and Content Management Systems that make running your digital business a breeze. Having founded global web companies using limited budgets, we deliver world-leading systems without the eye-watering costs.

Beyond Development

We bring together design, technology and business operations, so you can focus on executing your business without the headache of managing multiple suppliers, staff and risks.

Building tech platforms usually meant working with expensive digital agencies or narrow development shops. Neither worked out well. With Greyspace, we found a team of experienced corporate leaders and proven entrepreneurs that have grown digital companies from the ground up across Asia and the globe. It is the first company I have seen connect the dots to make app development smarter, hassle free and at lower cost.

Serial Entrepreneur & CEO.
Education Technology Company, Singapore

// Venture

Product Ideation & Growth

We develop digital products, business models and go-to-market strategies for corporates and startup clients so they are ready for global domination from day one.


We bring together venture capital, growth strategy, technology and operations, to help the leading minds of today turn their ideas, technology and IP into high-value companies.

High-Growth Execution

Using growth insights gained as founders, board members and corporate leaders, we help entrepreneurs and business innovators take their ideas from the incubation lab into the real world.

When you want to build a new product or venture, you don’t want PowerPoint slides and consultants. You want proven entrepreneurs that bring corporate knowledge together with startups experience.  Within 4 weeks they had given us a commercialisation and growth strategy that was set for the $1b playing field

Managing Director.
Global Visual Recognition and AI Technology Firm

Insights, ideas and actions for new era of business

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